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    Portable Clothes Shoes Dryer

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    핫 심볼Would you like to be the one who takes all the space in your wardrobe? Or would you like to give that "reach the sky and touch the sky in the same day" feeling to your newborn baby? If you are tired of taking too much space just for you or your baby's stockings needs, then this foldable electric clothes dryer is totally your best friend and also your must-buy when you are going to have a baby!

    Mini portable drying rack small clothes dryer dormitory with small power for home students low-folding dormitory

    color: White
    Material: ABS
    Size: 42 * 6.9 * 20cm


    * Fast drying, hot and cold switching does not hurt clothing.
    * Boot automatically into the hot air mode, with 50°~60° warm wind fast-drying clothing.
    * PTC ceramic heating, high heat efficiency more power saving.
    * Innovative airway patents, more uniform drying clothing.
    * Using high-temperature-resistant flame retardant materials.
    * Can dry clothes, dry shoes, easy to handle.
    * Removable, easy to collect, light body shape, easy to carry.

    Carrying weight less than 5kg Casters No Power-off protection Yes
    Bracket material Aluminum alloy Control method Microcomputer type Shape Cylindrical
    Heating method PTC power below 500W Maximum timing range 121 minutes (inclusive)-240 minutes (inclusive)

    Best Shipping Method: CJPakcet sensitive
    Processing Time: 1-3 days
    Shipping Time: 10~15days to the USA

    Package Contents:
    2 *dry shoe rack
    1 *Instruction manual
    1 *host
    1 *cloth bag
    2 *clip
    2 * LedundefinedThe integrated button design makes it easy to switch between on/off, hot air and cold air.

    Unique waterproof air inlet design

    Ptc ceramic heating technology is safe and efficient, self-adjusting power, temperature control, and does not hurt clothing


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