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    Toilet Silicone Brush and Holder

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    🔥Creating a Clean Bathroom Clean with a hygienic silicone toilet brush!
    🔥Is it difficult to manage the toilet brush and leave it in the corner of the bathroom?
    🔥The washing and keeping are convenient to the silicon toilet bowl brush!
    🔥Changing the toilet brush changes the cleanliness of the bathroom.
      The toilet bowl brush head is made of TPR material that is soft & flexible yet sturdy & dense, no worry to scratch your toilet, not easy to get dirty,
      never wears and deform after long usage. Equipped with 360° brushing bristles can easily clean hard-to-reach areas of your toilet bowl such as under the rim.



      The internal hollow design ensures that the water droplets dripping from the brush head can be quickly discharged to the built-in water storage drawer, keep the toilet brush's head dry and sanitary. The removable drawer can easily remove excess water without unpleasant odor.


      You can hang your brush head on the wall without punching holes, saving floor space, and make the toilet brush with a holder cleaner and more hygienic. You can also put it on the floor, a simple and compact design suitable for different bathrooms.


      Designed with an ergonomic non-slip extended handle is comfortable to grip. Equipped with rounded bristles makes the clean toilet easier, doesn’t need to press for perfectly clean, reduces your clean time.


      Compact-sized makes it fit well in the narrow space by the toilet or bathroom sink. The clean & modern look perfect for any home decoration style. The classic white and gray design makes it aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


      💥Bracket with water storage drawer

      The toilet brush holder is equipped with a water storage drawer, which can quickly discharge the water dripped by the brush head, making it easier for you to clean the toilet seat.

      💥Hanging on the wall

      Our toilet brush holder can be hung on the wall without punching. It does not occupy the bathroom space, making the bathroom more tidy and spacious.

      💥Detachable toilet brush holder

      The entire toilet brush base can be disassembled, it is very convenient to clean the toilet brush holder, don't worry about dirty water and stains hidden inside.

      Our toilet brush is made of high-quality PP and TPR.

      It can clean deeply into corners and other hard-to-reach places,

      strong clean without scratch the glaze, and will not wear away.

      Specially upgraded Breathable Ventilation Base can quickly

      evaporate moisture and keep the brush and holder dry to prevent

      the accumulation of water and eliminate odor smell for a better clean bathroom.

      The special water storage drawer design makes it easier to clean off excess water.

      Its compact design allows it to be tucked into small

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